Finally, a scientifically developed sleep aid to help you fall asleep naturally.

  • Fall peacefully asleep faster
  • Stay asleep longer
  • Wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day
  • Bio enhanced sleep aid that works with your body's rhythms


Lying Awake at Night?

Do you find you have a hard time falling asleep at night? Maybe it's all that stress you're under, maybe it's a more clinical cause such as chronic insomnia, depression or major anxiety disorder. Or maybe you just have a plain old hard time falling asleep and would like an easy, safe, non-habit forming and drug free way to combat your sleeplessness.


What people say!


"I just want to let you know how much your sleep music has touched my life. Your beautiful melodies are pure magic!!! When I feel stressed, your songs calm and relax me. And when I find it hard to fall asleep, your songs lull me into a peaceful slumber - like falling asleep on a soft rolling cloud. I now sleep like a baby - and I am so grateful!!!!"

Teresa Ledingham

Vancouver, BC


"As someone who has trouble sleeping, I am really looking forward to this new release! Jamie has a natural ability to compose the most beautiful and relaxing melodies I've ever heard. We all know music can soothe even the most savage of beast, and his music certainly calms me down. Thanks, Jamie! We're all going to get a better night's sleep cuz of your music!"

Alison W.

Toronto, Ontario


"Your music is truly inspirational. Not only is your music a delight to listen to any time, but it helps to relieve daily stresses and often helps to get a good night’s sleep when I sometimes have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep. It just puts me in a quieter, more peaceful place."

Harry “Gipper” Morris


"Jamie Mitges' bio-enhanced sleep music has a profound transcendent effect on the spirit - washes away the dust of the world and quiets the noise of the mind , this music is gentle waters and sweet night air."

Doug Norquay

Long Term Impacts of Little Sleep 

Baggy eyes, irritability, intense feelings of sickness, are the more common symptoms of sleeplessness. However, what are some of the more serious long-term impacts of an un-rested mind and body? 

Did you know that lack of sleep has been linked to:

  • Memory Loss
  • Weak immune systems
  • Increased risk of diabetes & heart diseases
  • Obesity
  • Stunted growth

 Just imagine that feeling you get from a deep and restful sleep, now imagine that feeling EVERY day. It can truly have a profound effect on your daily life. With a proper sleep pattern, you're more productive, healthier, and more importantly happier. It has even been proven that simply correcting your sleep patterns can cause weight loss with no additional exercise or dieting. 

B.E.S.T. Music is the Answer

Since ancient times, the power of music has been known to have "healing capabilities." Through a revolutionary process called BEST, researchers have been able to pinpoint specific sound waves that when listened to, provide a deeper more restful sleep in nearly everyone who tried this groundbreaking new product "Bio Enhanced Sleep Music" mastered with BEST technology.  

BioLogic Enhanced Sound Technology (BEST)  allows your body to hear the resonance as if the body itself was an ear.

This "body hearing" facilitates the release of muscle and physiological tension known as muscle armoring, or as some might put it, the "letting go of stress."

You simply lie back in your bed, listen to the bio enhanced sleep music, let it surround you, then tone by tone the sleep music relaxes muscle by muscle, as you participate in a chain reaction of energy that facilitates the de-armoring of muscles and the pleasure of deep restful sleep.


Now It's Your Turn to Get a Restful Night Sleep

Since you've made it this far, you truly know the value of sleep:  real sleep, where you can actually close your eyes and dose off into dreamland. You know the value of continuous sleep, where you can sleep through the night without waking up in fits every hour on the hour. You know the value of true rest, where you wake up in the morning fully charged and ready to seize the day.

You know the value of good restful sleep, yet you cannot sleep. Your mind won't shut down. It won't wind down. It won't relax. 

I was there too. I understand. More about me later. This is why I worked with the most talented engineers to create a solution that is all natural, that works with your body clock, using scientifically derived methods to create music that lulls you to sleep.

Bio Enhanced Sleep Music is different from music that puts you to sleep, where sleeping is accidental. But music that helps you sleep—where sleep is intentional—hits the mark. Music specifically designed to aid sleep, termed “sleep music,” is not prevalent enough for the benefits it provides. And yet by all rights, it should be. It is among the cheapest solutions to insomnia, more than pills or therapy sessions. Sleep music is the easiest; all that is required is that you listen to it as you fall asleep: neither mental exertion from therapy nor side effects from medication. Most of all, sleep music is the most effective way to overcome insomnia.

My own insomnia initially began from my struggle with fibromyalgia. Though some of you may think my own experience with insomnia is too different from yours to be treated equal, you will soon see the sharp correlation. If you don’t know, fibromyalgia is a not a temporary disease, but an ongoing condition where the nerves do not act as they properly should. They are highly sensitive to pain and provide me a constant source of aches throughout my body. They do not heal like ordinary aches, but continue constantly, sometimes to the point of immobility. Accompanied by a high sensitivity to pain and constant fatigue, I find it difficult to do activities during the day for they may trigger my aches, difficult to sleep and recover from the day because of existing aches. It seems a cycle without escape. (Does this sound familiar?)

The entire B.E.S.T. Bio Enhanced Sleep Music system is only $39.97. You will receive 2 full volumes of sleep music that has been Bio-Logically Enhanced. This exclusive technology can only be experienced by listening to the actual physical CDs. You cannot stream it online because the compression will negate the BEST enhancements. 

When you order today, we will ship 2 full volumes directly to your home or office.

  • Listen to the Bio Enhanced Sleep Music lying in your bed
  • No complicated and expensive therapy
  • No sleeping pills
  • Just the BEST Bio Enhanced Sleep Music to lull you to deep, restful sleep
  • Get the restful sleep that you deserve


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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